Doing Stuff Together While Far Apart

Dear Reader,

With technology today, it isn’t hard to keep in touch with your loved one. In fact, there are lots of apps that allow you to text from phone to phone, even if they’re in different countries! (Looking at you, LINE.) Or, you can connect from your computer using messaging programs like Skype or whatever new-fangled program there is. Texts, calls, webcams: the staple of any long-distance relationship.

But these things can get boring and one or both people will crave for something different to do. 

In my last relationship, the two of us were on different schedules: I went to school and played hockey during the day; he slept most of the morning, played video games in the afternoon and went to work for the graveyard shift. We ended up in a Skype call most of the time, with one of us sleeping and the other doing whatever they needed to. But some days, he would have a night off and we would play games or watch movies together.

Another site that can be helpful is Twiddla, an in-browser screen sharing site. You can draw on other websites with your partner as well as watch videos together! Its more convenient since it’s free and requires no downloading. Twiddla is great for planning activities with each other, and writing little notes too.

Twiddla: I’ve yet to try it but other people say it’s good (Source)

There’s also a blog called “Loving From a Distance” and it has a section dedicated completely to doing things with your long distance partner to keep your relationship fresh and exciting! I recommend you take a look at that. There’s lots of great ideas that even I didn’t think of. The author has written over 100 activities for long distance couples. Some of these ideas include:

  • Keeping a journal for them to read later
  • Truth or Dare competitions
  • Make your loved one a handmade gift
  • Make a time capsule together
  • Virtual concerts (something you can do on twiddla)

Other ideas I’ve seen on websites are:

  • A bunch of letters for your partner to read in different situations (i.e. when they’re sad, when they’re angry, lonely, etc.)
  • Sending your loved on a framed picture of yourself

LDR Magazine is another site that provides advice for people in LDRs. They have an article that lists over 130 things to do with your partner in real time. I like the idea of learning a language together (Idea 42).

Online gaming has become a popular activity for couples in long distance relationships to do.

Board Game Online is an excellent game (even better with a large group of people), but it simulates a board game, but… online. It incorporates a “jukebox”, where people in the game can choose the song they want to listen to, conveniently linked from YouTube. BGO also has a class system, similar to that of Dungeons and Dragons or World of Warcraft. It’s fun to experience in a group of people, but it’s something to pass the time with your loved one!

My ex and I played BGO a lot, but in a group. It was nice because we were pick team mode. In team mode, we would work together to get to the finish line. Whoever was further ahead, the other would try to sabotage the people nearby to ensure victory. I loved playing with my ex, since it was a game where there were no hard feelings no matter who won because of the game’s eccentricity.

My ex and I used to play massive multiplayer online (MMOs) together. Well, specifically a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game called League of Legends. League plays in teams of five, so it’s easy to play with friends. But it also has a ranking system which you can team up with four other people you don’t know, or team up with your loved one and play with three other “randoms”. League is a really good way to hang out and create trust in each other. It can be a good teacher for co-operation with each other as well as getting over obstacles that stand in your way.

League can get competitive, although not as competitive as Mario Kart or Mario Party.

LoL's community is full of trash. And by trash, I mean people who tell you to kill yourself or to go get cancer.

League: The bane of my existence as well as many others (Source)

Only play Mario Kart or Mario Party if you want to ruin any friendship/relationship you have.

I played Mario Kart with my ex. I wanted to do my best. Mario Kart is something you compete in for yourself. I placed first multiple times with him in second. Afterwards he said, “I can’t play video games with you anymore. I want to play for fun, but you get too competitive for me.” The video below provides an excellent example of my reaction.




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